Online Casinos Up Their Tech

It is now about 20 years since casinos got available online and about 10 years since we started gambling on our phones. About 25 years ago, Microgaming, the company that started it all, came out with the first software that would later be known as online casino.

As in the rest of the tech-industry, software needs to develope to keep up with demands and the online casino business is no exception. It might not seem like a field where there is much room for technological evolution, but showing players different, better or more interactive ways of betting or gambling has truly improved the experience.

We have listed some of the most recent, most inovative changes we’ve seen lately in the online gambling industry.

Upgrade of HTML

For a novice in tech or for the general public, the change from HTML4 to HTML5 might not seem like a big deal. But it is in fact a total game changer and has upped the experience for both the players and the online casinos themselves. As we’re getting more and more used to things running fast and smoothly, the upgrade to HTML5 truly came as a new and flashy lubricant for an old machine. Online casino websites normally use a lot of flashy banners, flash and animations, so the change experienced, is like going from black and white TV to color.

Interactive Games

This is something that is definitely still in development, but at the same time, something that we think has the highest potential. With the coming of VR and AR, this field just exploaded. So far we’ve seen cute examples of what is to come; interaction with live dealers and slots where you’re required to use input of different features. But the future will most likely promise an even more awesome experience!

Security and Payment

It comes as no surprise that one of the most important features for online casino players is security of their money. This is something that the business has adapted to a long time ago and in many aspects, these systems are the safest ones online. However, as tech is advancing and the money that is being spent in this business is growing increasingly, the number of possible intruders and hackers is going up with it. Many players don’t want to use traditional ways of paying for their gambling experience, so options like PaySafeCard and PayPal has popped up to meet the demand.

New Winning Systems

Using progressive jackpot networks casinos have been able to create a lot more competitive prices. Instead of just having normal bonuses used by most platforms the casinos can, by distributing money from different games differently create win pools that are much more attractive and enticing.

For example, instead of taking a small percentage of the deposits of a single game and using this for the jackpot, the system instead pools percentages of deposits from a lot of different games which makes the price pool a lot bigger. This has most definitely increased the thrill of the online casino experience.

New Ways of Advertising

Perhaps not the newest of strategies, but throughout the last couple of years, many casino games have been based on and revolving around known pop-culture icons and their licenses. Some games for example, have been based on musicians like; Jimi Hendrix or GunĀ“s and Roses, others on movies or series like American Dad or DC Comics characters. This adds a layer of recognition when advertising a new casino game, just like with any other type of commercial.