Augmented reality ushering the future of casinos and sports betting

AR in Sports Betting and Casino

Augmented reality has been a hot topic for a long time even though it seemed like something straight out of a Sci-Fi movie when it first came out. Augmented reality (AR) has been applied in many ways before and is now being introduced to online casinos.
Online wagering has become so popular that it rivals the brick and mortar alternatives that have long been the mainstay. Though their convenience and portability won a lot of gamblers over, online casinos have always struggled to offer an experience that would match land-based casino floors.

Augmented reality basically overlays sensory inputs into real-life scenarios to make it feel even more like the real thing. AR does this by the use of specialized headgear or eyewear to deliver realistic images coupled with accompanying sounds. The experience is quite similar to watching movies in 3D but this time even more immersive. Online casino games are the perfect candidate for which to apply this exciting tech. Virtual reality poses a few challenges when it comes to such applications but tech experts from companies such as Apple, Lumus and Google
are enthusiastic about using AR instead. The tech giants have invested millions
in efforts to develop the hardware and software for their version of AR. Microsoft is also slated to release their AR headgear known as Hololens which is bound to make things a lot more exciting for online gamblers.

Microsoft Hololens

A whole industry excited

AR has everyone in online gambling excited. Players will be able to experience the brick and mortar casino from their homes like never before. Online casinos, on the other hand, are counting on the new tech to draw in more players. Online casino guides are already warming players up to AR. According to,
one of the popular casino guides in New Zealand, AR for online casinos is a workable idea that will revolutionize how people interact with games online.
AR in Sports Betting

AR for sports betting

Augmented reality is also a viable option for Sports Betting. When it is fully functional for sports betting, AR could help you place your bet much quicker. Think of a scenario where you are watching a live match and want to bet on a certain player in the match. AR would allow you to “click” on the player as you watch the match, get some quick facts on them and place your wager. is one of the betting guides eager to see this new technology take off. The sports betting tipster is mainly excited about all the gamification that could be applied for Sports Betting. Players could take on tasks and challenges in real-time for rewards such as odds bonuses to use on various betting sites.

“AR inom Sports Betting kommer att bli gigantiskt. Spelintresserade kommer att kunna använda vår sportsapp och bli belönade med oddsbonusar när de klarar av vissa uppdrag.” –

“AR in Sports Betting will become gigantic. People interested in betting will be able to use our sports app and get rewarded with odds bonuses when they complete certain missions.” –

AR may not yet be available to most online gamblers at the moment but fast-paced developments indicate that it will soon be the mainstay. Online gambling started out as a fad that didn’t seem to have a future, one that would die a natural death as soon as it came out. However, the current state of affairs suggests that we are only stepping into the future of online gambling.